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How long to Reset Chevrolet Venture Computer Box?

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Old 01 Mar 2013, 03:50 am
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Default How long to Reset Chevrolet Venture Computer Box?

We need to reset computer box of Chevrolet 2003 LT. How long does this normally take? Does it really take 3 days? Or more?!
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Old 01 Mar 2013, 04:20 am
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No it doesnt take 3 days.Just unhook battery cables for a minute or two the hook it back up.Why do you need to reset the computer?
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Old 01 Mar 2013, 05:00 am
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There is no reason to reset the computer. If you have a CEL lit get it scanned and repaired and erase the codes. ECU reflashes for a recall only take up to and hour and most of that time is spent finding the car in the lot!
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Old 01 Mar 2013, 05:20 am
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Also, you really dont reset it. Disconnecting the battery only clears the codes, but if the problem isnt fixed, it will still come back on. Not sure who told you 3 days, but they were idiots whoever told you that. But what problems are you having. Disconnecting the battery really doesnt do anything other than clear the codes. We at the dealership use the disconnect the battery on the newer cars. It was meant for the new stuff like 2006 & higher that use high speed LAN. It doesnt do anything for the older stuff. It was meant when you have a logic lock up in between 2 modules from the High Speed Lan data. So whatever you problem is, most likely disconnecting the battery isnt going to fix anything.

Next time, post what the problem your having. Check Engine Light On>? If so, whats the codes
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