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How can I make my 2.2 chevy cobalt faster?

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Old 09 May 2013, 02:15 am
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Default How can I make my 2.2 chevy cobalt faster?

How can I make my 2.2 chevy cobalt faster?
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Old 09 May 2013, 02:38 am
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Pulleys, starting with a lightweight crank pulley, it supposedly gives better reaction to throttle. You could get a turbo, I know for a fact they have turbo kits for the 2.2L I've seen it done, but they had the motor sleeved to handle the boost. If you aren't going to spend that kind of money then I wouldn't push more than 5 pounds of boost. If it was mine I would go with a turbo, pulleys, cold air intake, and exhaust.
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Old 09 May 2013, 02:52 am
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supercharger from ion redline. (and ECU) get on at salvage

else you can spend buttloads on a turbo.

i feel your pain. my saturn ion is hilariously slow. its too heavy of a car.

shifter feels like shit too. its so clunky. gm pretty much screwed the goat on these small cars.

2.2 is pretty much garbage as far as im concerned. feels like its gonna fall apart after it hits 3000 rpm

all you can do is try some mods. maybe port the head, high flow exhaust and headers, lose weight.
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Old 09 May 2013, 03:10 am
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Buy a different car. There is not much you can do to a 2.2 to make it cool. Unless you just wanna keep it forever you'd be loosing money when you go to sell it.
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Old 09 May 2013, 03:35 am
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If you're not willing to spend that much money, you can consider a cat-back exhaust, intake mods, possibly cams and a BCM re-tune to make additional power.

If you're looking to boost the 2.2, in my opinion the easiest way to go about doing it is not a turbo - its with a magnusun supercharger for the 2.2/2.4 Ecotecs. It packages better than the turbos - not that a turbo mod can't be done - the supercharger will fit better in the cramped engine compartment. If you have a pre-VVT 2.2 (an L61, or the Ecotec in the older cobalt, you have a better chance to make power; the LAP (09 and new 'balts) have VVT, which makes it harder to make boosted power. Reason being, the VVT tends to get "strange" when you try to do the tune for boost. You can get to about 270-280 hp without running into reliability issues.

For all that money, though, you can consider looking for a donor engine from a SS/SC or Redline

Either way, your best source of information is to go to Go to the forums and look for the information regarding boosting up ecotecs - there's several people who have done so.
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