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List the actions for checking and adjusting ?shim under bucket? valve clearances on an overhead

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Old 13 Mar 2013, 03:52 pm
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Default List the actions for checking and adjusting ?shim under bucket? valve clearances on an overhead

camshaft engin? can anyone answer this for me pretty please
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Old 13 Mar 2013, 04:28 pm
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Rotate camshaft until valve is fully closed, find correct valve clearance for your make of engine, inlet and exhaust valve clearance will differ, use feeler blade to measure between cam and bucket, too small a clearance will require a smaller shim, located under bucket, too big clearance will require a thicker shim, it's a time consuming operation, and a selection of shims is required.
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Old 13 Mar 2013, 04:45 pm
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You doing this yourself>??? Ah, if so, this engine will never run again. I suggest you get the owners service manual & some high dollar feeler gauges
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Old 13 Mar 2013, 05:05 pm
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You need a Haynes manual or similar with pictures. There's a lot to remember and it takes quite a long time. Basically you measure the clearances with feeler gauges, then remove the camshaft taking care to note the timing position and keeping the timing chain tight (if you let it loose the adjuster moves in and then it's an engine out job). Measure the existing shims and buy any new ones you need. Put it all together again and check the clearances: they won't be exactly right but hopefully near enough right. Attempt to start engine and pray.

Whatever you do don't do it without a manual
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