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  1. does anyone know why im having a problem getting fuel throught the throttle body of my 4.3ltr...
  2. how much is it to change transmission oil on a 2001 oldsmobile alero?
  3. 1986 astro van rough idle?
  4. How much would it cost me to put 26" rims on my cadillac escalade in Flordia?
  5. Sierra C3 Denali has noisy rear steering.?
  6. The Buick Rendezvous made in Mexico. Does it's quality as good as with cars made in USA?
  7. How can some people write reviews of new cars (Cadillac CTS 08) when these cars are not at
  8. I have a 2000 GMC Sonoma Truck and sometimes it wont start, and ideas why?
  9. Are GMC cars also Chevy's?
  10. How do I get the "check engine" light to turn off in my '03 Hummer H2? It only has 50K miles....
  11. hi I need help removing my hubcaps on a 1986 buick centry ...?
  12. How much horepower does a stock 392 put out, or more so...if its in a 75 Scout II?
  13. what manifold is needed for a 1988 cadillac 5.0l?
  14. diagram to replace serpentine belt 2003 buick regal?
  15. 400 turbo will not shift into park?
  16. How many cylinders does a '91 Buick LeSabre have?
  17. Problem: Key locked in trunk of 2002 Ford Focus. Trunk button won't work. How can I get into the
  18. 1999 Holden Vectra JS series colours?
  19. I have a 1967 GMC truck. What will the value be? What color to paint?
  20. Where can I find the cheapest Gobi roof rack for my H3?
  21. 1999 pontiac grandam?
  22. find all GMC GENERALMOTORS form 1976 to 2008?
  23. 1995 saturn SL2 what is master enable relay and where is it?
  24. 2004 impala, how do you disable the DRL's?
  25. I need a picture of a back end of a 1985 cutlass supreme?
  26. car question?
  27. 1994 Buick LaSaber?
  28. torque spec 4.5 liter intake?
  29. where is the starter on a 2000 oldsmobile intrigue?
  30. How do I remove the inner panel from the driver's side door of my '88 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight?
  31. what are the largest tire that can be mounted on a 2005 GMC Sierra 4x4 Z71?
  32. Why does my 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix abs brakes click on when turning?
  33. torque specs for intake bolts and the rocker assembly 4.5 liter cadillac?
  34. Hi i have a 1936 oldsmobile 8 and i need a new synchromesh for the 3 speed gearbox.?
  35. What is the body control module for a 2001 saturn L3000?
  36. 1998 GMC Jimmy-Back Driver Tire making horrible clanking noise-Ball Bearings Bad?
  37. harmonic balancer puller?
  38. What size tires can i fit on my 2wd 06 gmc sierra short bed single cab truck?
  39. Can a GMC yukon be coverted to run on E85?
  40. where is the fuel filter located in a 1997 pontiac grand am Se?
  41. Where is the neutral safety switch on a 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SL?
  42. Help with Anti-Lock brakes light of 94 Cadillac Fleetwood!?
  43. Acceleration problems in 1995 Pontiac Grand Am?
  44. I am tring to install my radio in a 1996 gmc sierra I cant find what wire is the memory wire?
  45. Is a th700 transmission stronger than a th350 transmission or better in any way?
  46. Where is the starter located on a 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora ?
  47. 2000 suburban gmc the front wheel hub makes a popping noise when in a strain in 4wheel drive?
  48. what percentage of general motors cars is foreign?
  49. Why are there questions about Pontiacs and Chevrolets in the Holden section?
  50. Where is the starter located on a 1997 Suburban?
  51. Drivers' side electric window won't go down-any ideas?
  52. 1987 Firebird. Switching the 2.8L v6 with a 350?
  53. What do you think about General Motors prospects in the future? I'm hoping they come back big time!?
  54. does any one know where i can get a conversion kit to put a cad 4.9 in a fiero?
  55. 97 pontiac bonneville automatic transmission wont shift past 1st gear?
  56. 1960 Buick with a generater would like to change to an alternater?
  57. help with removal of sunroof cover?
  58. what is the noise in the noise in camshaft grand am 99,2.4 motor, please can you help me,,...
  59. how do i replace a water pump in a 95 saturn sl1?
  60. What is the weight of an empty 1994 GMC half ton pick up with club cab and short box?
  61. does anyone have any pics pf a 1988 chev s-10 shortbox, single cab? i want to know what they...
  62. why do some 04 yukon denalis come fully loaded but without a moonroof most come with y dont some?
  63. do the running boards of a 07 yukon fit a 05 yukon?
  64. Do you know how to?
  65. value on a 1965 buick wagon?
  66. "BODY BY FISCHER"Medallion on Aluminum Sill for Buick Rivera 1981 to 1984?
  67. Car Question??
  68. IS the Grand Prix GTP sedan as fast as the coupe?
  69. is there anyway i can search online who has the best deals on the buick lucerne?
  70. how many buick grand national 1986 were made?
  71. what is the biggest size engine you can get for a Daewoo Matiz?
  72. I have a Cadillac Escalade Truck...not SUV?
  73. what is a driveline service?
  74. I have a 92 oldsmobile, the steering wheel seems to be locked. I can't get the key to
  75. 1993 Buick Regal automatic transmission problems?
  76. what should I do to my new cadillac?
  77. Location of a fuel reset switch on a 1995 Yukon.?
  78. Are there "rods" or "lifter springs" in a 1996 Saturn s-series engine?
  79. will e85 damage a none flex vehicle?
  80. what are the best plugs for a 1996 gmc suburban 7.4 litter?
  81. How do I remove Onstar from my new truck?
  82. where is located my battery on a cadillac deville 2001?
  83. Water Pump?
  84. why is the hummer h3 so much better than the new jeep?
  85. Why is there no questions about Holdens in the Holden section?
  86. Can a worn Pitman and Idler arm be causing the "death wobble" in my Escalade?
  87. Problems with brand new GMC Acadia within the first week I owened it.?
  88. I have a 1997 GMC Yukon and it makes a cluck or bang noise if I brake to hard or take off...
  89. Where can I find a picture of a new Fleetwood Cadillac?
  90. Does GM use cool dex in their cars? (antifreeze)?
  91. 99 silverado brake lights not working and cruise control not working?
  92. what do you think went wrong with my 1990 gmc sierra sl 1500 truck?
  93. 2004 monte carlo ss intimidator--its in need of tires-what are the best kind to buy?
  94. General Motors?
  95. Pros and Cons of a 2003 Buick Rendezvous CX?
  96. Is the LE5 2.4L Ecotec engine so new that we may not be aware of potential problems?
  97. looking for the name of a part for a 2001 gmc yukon rear cargo door part?
  98. could someone tell me the torque on a 1971 cadillac coupe deville with a 472?
  99. 1999 WS6 Tranny shift firmness how can I increase shift without breaking tranny?
  100. I have a 2001 grand prix... where is my module located?
  101. BONNEVILLE 1996 SSE computer command ride [CCR]?
  102. How many 1965 gto's came with factory air?
  103. I have a 1997 olds acheiva, I think they may be a short in the steering colum.?
  104. need help with VP Commodore tailight wiring ASAP before Roadworthy!!!!!!!!!!?
  105. What does the slx stand for on my 1992 GMC Pickup?
  106. Where is the pcv valve on a 1986 buick century 2.5 4 tech?
  107. Saturn SL1,1993 Overheating !!!?
  108. 93 buick regal keyless remote programming instructions?
  109. I am thinking of buying a 1997 Cadillac Deville Conours in excellent condition for only 1500.00!?
  110. need to know how to pressurerize fuel system for 3.8, 1992 olds 88 royale?
  111. a 1996 cadillac?
  112. Cavalier/Sunfire seats - interchangable?
  113. Anyone have sudden no-crank on GM 3.4 2003 model engine?
  114. 2003 buick regal?
  115. 700r4 transmission from a 84 camaro on a 91 gmc vaan?
  116. How do I change out the blown headlamp on my 2001 Pontiac Grand Am ?
  117. Exhaust clamp?
  118. where can i find a front left fender for a 1986 gmc caballero, ive looked everywhere please help!!?
  119. TAILLIGHTS DOESN'T FIT BARN DOOR MODEL what is barn door?
  120. k I have a 2001 buick century with a 3.1L V6 that the idel speed needs to be change?
  121. 1992 Cadillac STS Idling Problem?
  122. Do you need special thin wrenches to remove an inner tie-rod end on a 99 sunfire?
  123. looking at buying a vx commodore what is the s-pack and why is it better?
  124. My transmission in my 1988 gmc started locking up help?
  125. I want some flowmaster 40 series mufflers but i dont know which kind i need i have a 307 olds...
  126. Did Cadillac make a Woody station wagon?
  127. 2000 GMC Savana turn signal switch?
  128. What is the deal with 99 2.4 twin cam gm motors blowing holes in the block? is this a good
  129. What is the 0-60 time for a 2005 or 2006 GMC Sierra Denali?
  130. reguarding answers givin?
  131. HELP! ITS VERY FRUSTRATING. Its about cars.?
  132. Im looking for the "fuel reset switch" for 02 suburban z71?
  133. Military grade hummer?
  134. How do I reset my Cadillac's computer?
  135. does anyone know if i do a waterpump on an 2002 olds intrigue will it affect my timing?
  136. 2004 yukon XL Denali vs Armada VS. Sequioa?
  137. i have a 94 lumina van with a 3.8 eng.the engine lights stays on.i have changed the egr and...
  138. Car question?????????
  139. My 2001 Alero has 3 lights come on 1) Anti Lock Break 2)Off Trac 3) Service VEHICLE soon?
  140. Do you know where to get 1950's gmc truck parts?
  141. HELP MEEE!!! i need help...i dont know anything about this car!!!?
  142. What's the difference between Chevrolet and GMC?
  143. which one is better? cadillac or lexus?
  144. How do I get my 94 STS cadi's trunk to close all the way down?
  145. on 2005 grand marquis, does DRL or LCM control headlights while in manuel position. other
  146. CD player for 1999 Cadillac Deville?
  147. can i put a v6 out of a hj into a eh and airbags with out an engeners citifficate?
  148. what tranny do i have?
  149. got a stock v6 vt commodore how can i make it go faster cheap any ideas????
  150. What is 4L & 2L selection on 2006 awd equinox?
  151. I have a 2000 Yukon Denali and am getting a code P0141 O2 Sensor "Heater Circuit
  152. whats the rating on a saturn ion 2004?
  153. What kind of jack and jack handle came stock in a 93 GMC Sonoma pickup?
  154. rim question?
  155. Why is my Cadillac's backlight not turning off?
  156. anyone selling any 1989 GMC s-15 or chevy s-10 parts?
  157. 1996 Pontiac Trans Am Pulley Belt Routing?
  158. do u like the Lincoln MKX or the GMC Acadia?
  159. Who hear has a 99 Cadillac deville .....or knows about them?
  160. My 1990 Buick LeSabre has a split bench front seat and does not recline. Why not?
  161. HELP! Does anyone know the firing order on a 1999 bonneville,,also,,how can u test a fuel...
  162. I flipped my 97 olds aurora. it hydra-locked. i got it to run but it makes a loud clunking
  163. 2004 saturn ion power steering problems?
  164. 71 cutlass fender help????....?
  165. Quality means performance not elegance?
  166. I have a 99 bonneville that needs a injector,can anyone tell me about how much that cost...
  167. performance part websites. need help?
  168. how to open the trunk of 2003 saturn ion from the inside.?
  169. I have a weird question about my cadillac!?
  170. I need help with power steerinf for my 99 alero?
  171. 1984 Buick Regal 4-Door Sedan?
  172. What is the 1999 Gmc Sierra 4x4 Rear Axle Gear Ratio?
  173. problem with my buick skylark?
  174. Where recalls on the 1995 Cadillac DeVille?
  175. do they make front air shocks for 91 gmc jimmy?
  176. I am getting this when I scan my 1994 cutlass cruiser (P1650 QDM2). Can someone help me with this
  177. Reset checkengine light 2002 cadillc deville???
  178. My 1999 pontiac sunfire won't start unless I press on the gas. Any idea of what's going on?
  179. Can I change a 1994 GMC sierra suspension from a 1/2 ton to a 3/4 ton?
  180. fuel gauge not working in my 1994 gmc jimmy 4x4?
  181. is jimmy hill dead ?
  182. why is my 1985 cadillac deville not cranking??
  183. how much work would it take to make my alero rwd?
  184. 91 Firebird stalls upon stopping and now wont start up!!!?
  185. ignition switch wont turn off in a 97 olds achieva?
  186. I have an 93 olds bravada, it sputters and goes dead when coming to a stop seems to have
  187. my 93 olds cutlass sierra sometimes doesn't start, what problem could be/?
  188. is it possible to have my grand prix's security system cut off the fuel line even if...
  189. How do you test the the fuel pump on a 98 yukon?
  190. Okay i can not find where to connect my jumper cables on my 93 cutlass i see the red one...
  191. Fuel?Car? Help!?
  192. GMC DENALI xl VS toyota?
  193. Hi, I just bought a 98" cadillac deville sedan I was just wondering if it's front wheel or back
  194. what is it called that covers your car gauges i seen someone have it for there grand prix?
  195. What is an approximate cost to lower a 1995 GMC Sonoma 2 or 3 inches?
  196. How much does a 1985 cadillac sedan deville weigh ?
  197. How much time is involved in a stock floor body drop 2000 GMC Sonoma??
  198. 2002 Buick Rendezvous drivers door power window doesn't work; what do you need to fix, manuals...
  199. did the vy s holden come out with a v8?
  200. lokking for a suburan body 79-91 in good cond. not prfect but good?
  201. will 13 inch fj holden rims fit on my fx utes original stud pattern?
  202. where is the A/C drain on a 1991 olds calais ?
  203. where can i find accessories for a 2005 cadillac deville vintage edition?
  204. What makes 2004 Grand Caravan feels like iit will shut off?
  205. will the chevrolet impala change to rear wheel drive (zeta platform) for 2010 model?
  206. how to program keyless control on a hummer h3. I have already one programed but need to program a...
  207. 2005 Buick Rendezvous problems with interior light?
  208. I have a 98 GMC Yukon. It has front and rear a/c. The rear blows colder than the front does. ...
  209. diagram for fuse relay box on 5500 gmc?
  210. How do you operate the headlights and twilight sentinel in a 1992 buick park avenue?
  211. Buick 1985 LeSabre wheels brand?
  212. Temp gauge stuck on fuel side Monata 2004?
  213. Fees for putting a car on ebay motors?
  214. Is the Buick skylark (1994) a good car?
  215. Where can I find a 2000 Holden astra owners manual?
  216. Ball Joint Replacement?
  217. What one is better super 44s or 70 Series Flowmaster???
  218. does the B.O.P TH400 torque converter interchange with the chevy TH350 torque converter.?
  219. anybody want a gmc 1500?
  220. where is the pcm located on my 95 oldsmobile ninety eight?
  221. How miles per gallon does a 94 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham get?
  222. My car door on gmc yukon won't shut; the door is stuck in the locked position. How do I unjam it?
  223. 2002 GMC YUKON, What is the average life span of......?
  224. sierra seats?
  225. how much should i pay to get the head gaskets replaced on my '91 cadillac sedan deville?
  226. how do you change the belt on 97 buick lasabre?
  227. Is the saturn astra worth to buy?
  228. 98 cadillac catera problems?
  229. location of 4wheel drive solonoid s-10 blazer 94?
  230. I own a 95 Buick Lesabre and it makes a rattling sound all the time (Mechanics opinions preferred)?
  231. fuel pump location 1990 oldsmobile 98?
  232. can 20" rims or higher fit on a 92 cadillac fleetwood, even with the skirts??
  233. 95 eldorado will not start. I have tried everything?
  234. I have a 1992 GMC 2500 5.7 350?
  235. how many miles can you get on a 1994 1500 extended cab z71 4x4?
  236. if my car uses 10w30 or 10w40 can i use 5w30?
  237. Should I buy the Saturn Vue or the Pontiac Torrant (both have fwd.)?
  238. Did Cadillac (GM) ever produce a car?
  239. will wheels from 05 expedition fit on 01 tahoe?
  240. thinking of buying 2004 cadillac deville?
  241. sierra exhaust?
  242. Is the oil pressure sending unit the same as the oil pressure switch? (1994 cadillac STS)?
  243. what causes the gass gage not to work?
  244. Motorola KRZR?
  245. 89 Buick Antenna?
  246. How would I fix my car radio's noise problem?
  247. where is the IAT sensor on 1999 GMC sonoma 2.2 ltr?
  248. hi i have a caravan its made by fleetwood caravan type 1300 its called a special colchester how...
  249. I need a Fob for my 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue, where do I get one?
  250. I have a 1990 Buick Custom Skylark, I want to know if the ignition has a fuse and if so where it...